The Agricultural Cooperative of Ancient Oleneia of Aitoloakarnania was founded
in 2017. Its headquarters are located in Stamna a village of the Municipality of the Holy City of Messolonghi and
deals exclusively with the promotion of olives and olive oil that is produced exlusively in the Municipality of


The producer organization was recognized by the Directorate of Agricultural Economy and Veterinary Medicine of the region of Western Greece in January 2018. The organization consists of 21 producers whose constant and unwavering goal -with respect to the environment- is to produce quality olives and olive oil products. The olive groves and the headquarters of the Agricultural Cooperative are located a stone’s throw from the ecosystem of the lagoon of Aitolikos – Messolonghi which are protected by the RAMSAR treaty and have been included in the NATURA 2000 network.


The Agricultural Cooperative is nothing more than an association of olive growers who cultivate with love and responsibility the blessed product of the olive tree. The ancient saying that fits the project is “Strength in unity”. But is that enough? All members of the Agricultural Cooperative are producers of table olives and olive oil by choice and not by necessity. The first feeling that united them is their love for the olive trees and by extension their love for the environment. The blessed Aetolian land that they have their olive groves is also the place where their homes. In addition, this place that is protected by the RAMSAR treaty and has been included in the NATURA 2000 network, is where the human factor, the olive groves and a large number of protected species of fauna and flora coexist. Within these area, they try to develop and protect the products of the blessed olive tree while working towards the growth and protection of the area.


The Agricultural Cooperative’s primary goal is supplying the market with products of top quality and high nutritional value.

Given the quality of the products, we respond to the special requirements of the market with practices characterized by responsibility and respect for people and the environment.

The Agricultural Cooperative provides its members with a series of services necessary for the continuous development and improvement of production processes. The Agricultural Cooperative provides its members with valid advice on the correct way of cultivation, undertakes their supply with all the necessary agricultural supplies and has undertaken their promotion to businesses in Greece and abroad.

The constant and unwavering goal of the cooperative is to ensure the high quality and nutritional value of its product from the field to the table and acts in this direction consistently and always in accordance with the modern requirements of the international market following the framework of international quality assurance standards.