The Producers’ Organization implements an Integrated Management program in agricultural production. By applying an Integrated Management System, we achieve the sustainable production process by continuously utilizing all available information (for cultivation, the means of production and the environment). Integrated Management is an alternative method of management that is more environmentally friendly compared to the conventional production method. Integrated management is a balanced concern for the environment and product quality. It is an environmental management system with elements of a quality system, which is based on the observance of legal requirements, the rational use of all inputs (water, fertilizers, plant protection products, energy, etc.) and the monitoring and control of all production phases with the aim of protecting the environment and the consumer, as well as the production of branded, quality, safe and competitive products.


The Producers’ Organization operates within the sensitive ecosystem of the lagoon of Aitolikos – Messolonghi. Fully respecting the environment, it has been implementing an organic farming program since the year 2019. OXIGONO-HELLENIC CERTIFICATION BODY is active, with integrity and reliability, in the field of control and certification of organic products. The protection of the consumer, the improvement of the quality of food and agricultural products, the promotion and development of the organic way of producing products, the care for the environment, but also the protection of the environment, but also the protection of the environment.


In order to meet customer requirements and to harmonize with national and international requirements, farms must now rely on conditions that ensure the quality and safety of their products while respecting the environment in terms of the way they are produced. In this light, the Integrated Management System was created according to the AGRO 2 standard, which is the extension of the ISO 14001 standard, as well as elements of the ISO 9001 standard, in agricultural production
The process of certification AGRO 2.1, 2.2 includes an assessment of the completeness and correctness of the Manual of the Integrated Management System in agricultural production and the conduct of inspections to control the implementation of the System in the field. Upon positive completion of the inspection, a certificate of three-year duration, of international recognition, is issued. After the initial evaluation, Annual Surveillance Inspections are carried out to ensure the continuation of the system.


The Producers’ Organization having years of experience in the cultivation of olives and passion to produce quality products cooperates exclusively for the process of sorting the fermentation and maturation in a natural way of the olives with the company Olive Quality Center L.E.
The Quality Center of the Olive Tree is a “workshop” that, based on a scientifically substantiated plan, prevents any problem that may bring about the quality degradation of the kalamata olive during the critical stages of fermentation and maintenance in the facilities of the Agricultural Cooperative of Ancient Oleneia.