We express our indignation and regret that once again the olive tree
Kalamon becomes a field of confrontation between producers, processors, traders,
Regions, Municipalities and Ministries. Once again the national product exists
abuse by all actors involved. "War tactics" and populism
they do not let us draw up a unified and correct national strategy for kalamata olives
(kalamata olives). The responsibilities are timeless, but with the method of ostriching one
can not solve the problem.
The exporters, seeing the dynamics of the product abroad, cooperated
and founded PEMETE. In this way they solved and solve problems that
are created around the world for the product. Factories are trying to procure
the product with the lowest cost, often indifferent to the cost of production
of the product by the producer. And at this point we begin to divide ourselves into
Camps. This year is the year of the producer, last year was the year of the trader. Not
there is cooperation between the two links in the same chain. And that's because we, the
producers of Kalamata olives, we are unable to cooperate with each other, to organize ourselves
and to take care of the fortunes of the product we produce. We try with convulsive
moves to sell more expensive than the neighbor, ignoring the terms and conditions
rules of the purchase of an 80% exportable product.
For the Government and the competent Ministry, the issue of kalamata olives does not
there is nowhere, a mere spectator of a situation that only does no good to our national
product. Since 1993 the Ministry short-sightedly, with an unacceptable certification file,
without any study on the dynamics of the product, certifies the PDO Kalamata Olive.
Until the year 2017 no one dealt with the fate of the product since it brought warm
currency in the state coffers, until the black queen was stripped bare. The olives that
they wrote on the labels "Kalamata Olives" they came down from the shelves. In the year 2018, in status
pressure, comes the Law of Apostolou and the variety "Kalamata" was included in the national and
EU-wide catalogue of varieties as synonymous with 'Kalamon'. Then practiced
appeal from SYMEPOP and everyone considers that the Apostolou Law will not change.
From 2018 until today we were all waiting for the decision on the Law
Apostolou. 4 years of inaction passed without any of the stakeholders involved
consider an alternative proposal that will be able to solve the problem of the olive tree
Kalamon, regardless of the outcome of the appeal.
At this time we must all understand that with the decision of the Council of State none
factory in Greece and Europe cannot export "Kalamata Olives" olives, only
only the Prefecture of Messinia. On the contrary, the other countries outside the European Union (Egypt,
Turkey, Morocco, Chile) can freely export olives under the name "Kalamata Olives".
The problem is currently being experienced by the export sector, but in a short time it will
reach the producer as well. Many families across the country have invested in the industry
of Kalamata olives and today they are in danger of losing their main income.
What we are asking of the political leadership of the Ministry is for an immediate solution to be found
the problem faced by Kalamata olives so that we do not lose the national product. If
there is no solution to the gap of 80,000 tonnes that will be created on the world market
covered by third countries. Then, within a specific timeframe, you must
to sit at the table and give a definitive solution for the product of Kalamata olives
which will serve the country and not the petty interests of each sector.
Over time in our country in difficult times, such as the one we live in today, the
primary sector gave the solutions and kept it upright. It's time for all sides to
respect the product of Kalamata olives, the sweat and effort of the producers and the
struggle of factories to reach the markets of the whole world. According to the
Odysseus Elytis, "if you deconstruct Greece, in the end you will see you have one left
olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means, with so much more you remake it."