According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the submission of applications for the program Measure 11 Organic Farming begins.

The submission of the application can take place between 16/2/2022 and 16/3/2022.

The public expenditure of the call amounts to EUR 490 million. and concerns the support of:

1) Eligible arable crops, EUR 116 million; euro.

2) Eligible permanent crops, horticultural, aromatic and medicinal plants, EUR 210 million; euro.

3) Eligible livestock farms for bovine, ovine and caprine animals, EUR 130 million; euro.

4) Eligible occupied hives and offshoots, EUR 34 million; euro.

The Secretary-General said: "We are strengthening with EUR 490 million. organic farming, as it creates the conditions for the production of quality guaranteed products, safe for public health and of high nutritional value, through cultivation methods that minimize environmental pollution and promote the preservation of biodiversity".